The Story of the Ninjas

Radninjas all started when I needed an idea of something to make for my boys for Christmas. (I always try to give something handmade).  I came up with the idea of making them ninjas.

IMG_5004These are the first ninjas

Then I thought I would try making smaller versions and I gave a few away as gifts and people started asking for them.  I started selling them at my first Craft Lake City.  They looked something like this…

IMG_9360Mini Ninja

IMG_9355Medium Ninja

Then I decided that ninjas probably get tired of wearing black.  So I started making the ninjas out of old cleaned clothes.


After the ninjas were donning plaid, tweed, pinstripes and more.  It was only natural for them to really get crazy and start accessorizing with bow ties, hair bows and mustaches.



I have been making ninjas since December of 2009, it started as just a hobby and has grown into a business of making lots and lots of ninjas.